Cash transfers under focus in Malawi

We really had an excellent set of entries from Malawi for our competition, following the training organised by FrayIntermedia and sponsored by the Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (RHVP). The standard was high, and it has been tough trying to decide on a winner.

So, after much deliberation, the winner for Malawi is Michael Kaiyatsa, for his article, Cash Transfers Giving Hope to Vulnerable Women, published in the Sunday Times of January 31st, 2010.

Michael also had a second article, published in the Nyasa Times on February 24th, titled Malawi’s Cash Transfers: Magic Bullets for Eradicating Poverty?

Because of the high standard of stories from Malawi, however, RHVP has decided to award a regional prize too. Runner up for this prize is Sellina Nkowani, for her story, Social Cash Transfer Changes Lives of Poor Malawians, published in Malawi News, February 20-26th.

And a big congratulations to regional winner, Chipiliro Kansilanga, for her excellent story, Transferring Cash to Reduce Poverty, from the Daily Times of March 1st. Chipiliro did not only tell the story of two families and how they had benefitted from social cash transfers, but she also painted the bigger picture through reference to some of the latest research from the field.

Michael Kaiyatsa will be hearing from FrayIntermedia for his prize, while RHVP will be in touch with Sellina Nkowani and Chipiliro for their awards.

While winners did have to be chosen, it is unfortunate that we were unable to award everybody. Patrick Maulidi and George Kalungwe submitted an excellent radio feature, broadcast on Zodiak FM, while Maulidi also wrote an article on the same topic, which was published on the station’s website.

Thanks too, to Martin Chiwanda for his piece from Mkwaso of 17-28 February, titled Moyo wa Mai wina usintha ndi K1,800.

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