Botswana journalists cover poverty

We had several entries submitted for the best article or report, following the training workshop in Gaborone in January, sponsored by RHVP and facilitated by FrayIntermedia. The workshop covered reporting on poverty, food security and social protection.

Boboki Kayawe wrote a very nice story about some women in Gaborone who are hoping to benefit from government incentives to start a small business making school uniforms. You can read the story on Mmegi Online, or download it in PDF format here. Nchidzi Smarts’ entry looked at the same project. That story is available on PDF here, or can be found online at the Botswana Gazette.

Nicholas Mokwena wrote an article for the online magazine Change/ Mudanca, looking broadly at some of Botswana’s policies. You can find it on p4 and 5 of the online magazine, here.

Thank you too to Mapitso Sekete Ts’iu for submitting the transcript of her very nice radio reports, broadcast on Radio Lesotho. And good luck to Duncan Taolo who was still looking for someone to publish his excellent story on the government’s Ipelegeng intensive labour programme.

But sadly, the prize can only go to one person and we chose Ntibinyane Ntibinyane as the winner. His emphasis on the human story of poverty was really powerful, particularly as he also managed to link the personal stories with issues of policy or government response. His article in the Midweek Sun was the winner, but we also admired Ntibinyane’s commitment to keeping the issue on the agenda, with not one but four stories in total, published in the Midweek Sun, Ghetto Metro and Botswana Guardian.

To download the text of the articles, click on the related picture:

Well done Ntibinyane! In the next few days we will post the results of the Malawi competition, so be sure to watch this space.


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